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Easy Building Automation

Seamless Home Automation Integration for New Projects

Installing Home Automation

Innovative building automation adds financial and aesthetic value to homes and offices. Installing home automation systems during the building process is simple, streamlined, and attracts the interest of high-end clients. Some of the Integrated home systems we provide include  distributed audio and video systems for entertainment as well as lighting controls, automatic shades, security/surveillance systems and HVAC control. Kaiden Home Technologies makes it easy to add custom home automation systems to your list of quality building products. Our team is fully trained and certified  with all products lines and how to integrate them into any building project.

Innovation Building Automation

The Kaiden team of professionals chooses industry leading home automation companies including Ruckus, Parasound, Savant home automation, Lutron home control products, and Sonos. We work with architects and builders to create custom home automation systems for all types of living and working spaces. Top-of-the-line building products combined with timely communication with manufacturers ensure seamless completion of projects according to your specifications.

While retrofit and refit home automation systems are possible, the most efficient way to install these products is during the building process. Our ongoing communication with respected manufacturers make key information instantly accessible, including transparent pricing and technical insights about home automation integration. We deliver upfront solutions about what will be provided to simplify project planning and completion.

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With Kaiden Home Technologies as part of your team, we can assist in providing innovative solutions to maximize property values, and ensure projects of all sizes stay on-budget and on-schedule. We help cut costs and save time throughout the home automation process. Our experts act as a liaison between all parties to make communication precise and quick. Outstanding install program benefits and strong relationships with contractors are the cornerstones of impressive home automation installation that make your projects stand out from the crowd. Michael Kaiden, founder of Kaiden Technologies, and his knowledgeable team are available to show you the benefits of custom home automation in your building projects.

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Installation Of Lighting Controls

You make the decisions about luxury home automation systems while  our team of professionals do the work. Whether you are remodeling, creating an addition, or buying a new home, our custom installations complement your lifestyle and preferences. Share your needs and interests with our team of experts, then we find the latest relevant technologies to make your vision a reality. Be a part of the green movement with the installation of lighting controls that reduce energy consumption. Choose shades in the most elegant textures and hues to perfectly match your home décor. It’s all about creating a space you’ll love.

Unwind in style after a busy week and share your home entertainment experience with your favorite guests. Or just settle down in total comfort and have a moment to yourself. Instantly slide into effortless audio and video experiences. The mirror over the fireplace transforms into a big screen television with surround sound. Dim the lights as you sip your favorite after-hours beverage. Appreciate the fruits of your labor at a cost that fits into your budget.

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