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A Place To Retire

As a couple in their mid-60s bought a new 4,000 sq. ft. new construction home. Now retired, they wanted a home that was entertaining and convenient. They heard about Michael Kaiden from friends, and were impressed upon hearing that Michael takes care of everything from start to finish – after all, Kaiden Home Technologies provides convenience and peace of mind.

KHT installed automated lighting and shading on the ground floor. No longer would they have to open each blind in the morning, now it could be done with a touch of the button, or better yet, they could create automated lighting and shading based on time of day or weather.

In the Great Room, KHT installed a 65” Seura Mirror TV above their fireplace, complete with surround sound. When the TV is off all you see is a beautiful mirror and frame. Now the new home owners had innumerable options from Netflix, Hulu, TiVo or Blockbuster on Demand, all from the comfort of the couch. Oh, did we mention that this was completely wireless and controlled from an iPad?

More than satisfied with the final product, the couple approached KHT about installing a home theater in their basement for weekend guests, or evening retreats. They are very excited about the prospect of being able to watch 3D movies, complete with stadium seating and surround sound, right in their own home. Stay tuned as we’ll post images of how the projects going.

While You Were Out

The owner bought a brand new 7,000 sq. ft. Greenwich house completely void of electronics. The owner wanted a lot of technology surgically installed into the home, and he was looking to do so as conveniently as possible. Already fully furnished and wired, the owner was worried about all the horror stories involved with retrofitting a home – after all, coming home to a hole where the TV used to be for an entire week is reason enough not to do it.

Kaiden Home Technologies installed a lighting system to control every room in the house,  as well as a whole home audio/video solution. KHT installed a 64” TV, motorized to come out and in front of the fireplace, for proper viewing. He also installed motorized Lutron shades in the master bed room and family room, and used the existing TV for the bedroom.

The owner also liked to spend time outdoors, so KHT installed a great outdoor area where he could watch TV or listen to music on his patio.

Michael served as the general contractor, audio visual contractor, painter, etc. And did we mention that this was all done while the owner was on vacation?

Size Matters

Our client knew one thing: He wanted to watch TV on an impressively big screen in his sunroom. Because it was brightly lit, a projection screen just wouldn’t do. The owner called Kaiden Home Technologies because he had heard from a friend that they specialize in large installs and the unique logistics required for such a project.

KHT installed Panasonic’s flagship 103” TV, a monstrosity of an entertainment center. KHT reinforced and stablilized the wall before the TV was hung, for the safety of the user and the product. For some installers, they’d have to converse with an architect, but this wasn’t a problem for Kaiden. Because of its size, KHT installed a permanent motorized wench to lower the TV should it ever need to be serviced, or in case the owner ever wants to upgrade.

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