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Lighting & Shading

As a Lutron preferred vendor, Kaiden Home Technologies provides home lighting and shade control for any lifestyle. The beauty of your home is important, and we offer a variety of light solutions to help you highlight that beauty. Not only can light enhance certain features of your home, it can also save you money. KHT can put together a solution that is fully customized to meet your needs.

We offer everything from simple manual rollers and Roman shades to sophisticated systems. And KHT can customize your home with a variety of shade fabrics with different looks, colors and functions that will meet your custom needs.

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  • Reduce energy consumption by installing lighting control
  • Interact with your home using an iPad
  • We’re experts in┬áthe special logistics required for large TV installations
  • One point of contact from start to finish

Want more control over the lights in your home? KHT can install individual dimmers that will control certain lights or a system that will let you adjust multiple lights all from one place. With the touch of a button using a wireless controller or table top master control, you’ll be able to dim different lights all over your home. Dimming your lights saves electricity and extends the life of your light bulbs.